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Infinite Solar Online




Welcome to Infinite Solar Online, the best source for online training in the solar industry. Whether you are simply interested in solar energy, new to the field, or a seasoned industry professional, we guarantee we have the best resources available for online education in all things solar. From the basics, to the industry, to installation, and more, our courses are the most in-depth and interactive you will find anywhere online!



PVO 101 - Exploring PV Technology Enroll Now! PVO101 is the launch pad of your future solar career.  Upon completion of this course and our 2-Day hands on workshop, you will be ready to assume an Entry-Level position in the solar industry!

There are currently discounts availible for this course!  Save $$$ by signing up by signing up with a group! Click HERE for details!

PVO Explore - Exploring PV Technology Enroll Now!Free! Interested in how our courses are run?  Try our FREE course PVO Explore to familiarize yourself with the subject matter, format ,and pacing of our courses.

Please note:  To access this course you will need an account.  If you don't already have one, you can sign up HERE free of charge.

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